FoI Disclosure Log 2017 - 2018

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities.
It does this in two ways:

  • public authorities are obliged to publish certain information about their activities; and
  • members of the public are entitled to request information from public authorities.

West Norfolk CCG is committed to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and will provide information to the public where possible.

The FOI Disclosure Log shows details of all completed requests received by West Norfolk CCG since it became a Statutory Body in April 2013.


PDF icon WN-2017-00001 – Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries.pdf513.35 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00002 – Prescribing Formulary.pdf293.02 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00003 – Total Planned Spend by the CCG on General Practice Services.pdf353.77 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00004 – CAMHS Tier 4 Inpatients.pdf353.89 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00005 – Individual Funding Requests.pdf358.06 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00005a - Individual Funding Requests.pdf201.34 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00006 – Children’s Dental Hospitals.pdf354.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00007 – Homeopathy Services and Medicine Expenditure.pdf349.33 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00008 – Delayed Hospital Transfers.pdf353.61 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00009 – Referrals made by the CCG Health Board for Alternative Therapies.pdf288.51 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00010 – Delivery of Community Health Services.pdf359.48 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00011 – Continuing Health Care Services.pdf482.44 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00012 – Eating Disorder Service for In patients and Out patients.pdf400.76 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00013 – Diagnostic Testing Activity, Planning and Funding.pdf482.92 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00014 – Removal of Gluten Free Prescriptions.pdf228.96 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00015 – Allocation of funding to Mental Health Services.pdf443.42 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00016 – CCG Financial Plan for 2017-18.pdf193.23 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00017 – Validation of Qualifications of CCG Employees.pdf310.71 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00018 – Waiting Times.pdf243.88 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00019 - Banking Services, Audit Services and Card Processing Services.pdf213.33 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00019a - Banking Services, Audit Services and Card Processing Services.pdf80.11 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00020 – Protecting Patient Data.pdf366.88 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00021 – Governing Body Members of the CCG.pdf355.93 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00022 – Implementation of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan.pdf355.4 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00023 – Parkinson’s Disease.pdf360.23 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00024 - Medication Organisation Devices.pdf304.01 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00025 - Reconstructive Breast Procedures Following Breast Cancer.pdf294.56 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00026 – Maternity IT System.pdf368.56 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00027 – AQP Providers.pdf392.58 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00028 – Patient Facing Services.pdf306.2 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00029 – Sensory Integration Therapy.pdf358.38 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00030 – GPs Reaching Retirement.pdf350.35 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00031 – Non Emergency Patient Transfers Services to NSFT.pdf334.82 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00032 – CCG Post Holders.pdf352.64 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00033 – Mental Health Aftercare Packages.pdf441.91 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00034 – Continuing Healthcare.pdf291.78 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00034 – Continuing Healthcare App 1.pdf571.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00034 – Continuing Healthcare App 2.pdf106.43 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00035 – Rehabilitation Prescriptions.pdf395.92 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00036 – Vascular Services.pdf353.77 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00037 – Maternity Services.pdf242.38 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00038 – IVF Treatment Policy.pdf264.33 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00039 – Structure Chart.pdf349 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00040 – Melatonin Prescription Costs.pdf312.34 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00042 – Eye Services.pdf350.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00044 – Wheelchair Services Criteria.pdf267.84 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00045 – Prescribing Support Software.pdf374.18 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00046 – Health and Social Care Act 2012.pdf450.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00047 – Delivery of Out of Hours Services App 1.pdf146.1 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00048 – Telehealth Digital Health, Community Equipment Services & Wheelchair Services.pdf523.86 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00049 – Translation Services.pdf184.5 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00050 – Continuing Healthcare.pdf359.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00050 – Continuing Healthcare App 1.pdf238.12 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00051 – Assistive Technology and Telecare Services.pdf363.66 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00052 - Block Contracts for Elective Care.pdf305.89 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00053 – Palliative Care for Children and Young People.pdf359.96 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00054 – Local Area Network (LAN) Contract.pdf432.83 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00055 – General Practice Model and Ownership.pdf355.76 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00055 – General Practice Model and Ownership App 1.pdf475.64 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00056 – Staff Names and Email Addresses.pdf236.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00057 – Speech and Language Therapy.pdf361.15 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00058 – Out of Hours Provider.pdf341.58 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00059 – Manual Therapy Services.pdf425.4 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00060 – Organisations Budget.pdf368.16 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00061 – Community Pharmacy Services.pdf231.83 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00062 – Telephone System Contract.pdf373.77 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00063 – Prescribing Schemes.pdf732.38 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00064 – Hip Replacement Criteria.pdf439.99 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00065 – CCG Rebate Agreements.pdf208.32 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00066 – CCG Car Parking.pdf355.42 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00067 – Referral to Treatment Times.pdf463.85 KB
PDF icon WN-2017- 00068 – 24hr ECG Monitoring Incentive Payments.pdf360.32 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00069 – Termination Of Pregnancy.pdf448.68 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00070 – Melatonin .pdf261.21 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00071 – NEPTS Operator.pdf445.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00072 – Vaccination Programmes.pdf240.58 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00073 – Patient Record Reviews .pdf351.52 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00075 - Ankylossia (Tongue Tie).pdf323.36 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00076 – Continuing Healthcare.pdf363.52 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00077 – Wheelchair Service.pdf413.05 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00078 – Tier 3 Weight Management.pdf457.92 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00079 – EEAST Fines.pdf351.3 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00081 - Social Media Breaches.pdf353.24 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00082 – GP Referrals Out of Area.pdf412 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00084 – Contact Details.pdf353.31 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00085 – NHS 111.pdf273.11 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00087 – Weight Management.pdf279.55 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00088 – GP Practice Contact Details.pdf189.4 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00089 – IT Annual Spend.pdf257.27 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00090 – Financial Rebates to Pharmacy Suppliers.pdf444.34 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00090 app 1-Diabetes Formulary.pdf670.47 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00091 – Actual and Projected Budgets.pdf378.1 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0092 – Money spent on psychological therapies.pdf241.21 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0092a – Money spent on psychological therapies.pdf7.97 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00094 – Management Consultancy Spend.pdf235.89 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00095 – Car Parking, Staff and Marketing Costs.pdf237.26 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00096 – Toric Intraocular Lenses.pdf394.98 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00097 – Missed GP Appointments .pdf190.59 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00098 – Referral Information.pdf233.78 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00098a – Referral Information.pdf114.05 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00098b – Referral Information.pdf176.69 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00098c – Referral Information.pdf103.1 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00098d – Referral Information.pdf162.16 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00100 – CCG Funding.pdf287.47 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00102 – Target Allocation Funding.pdf193.72 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00103 – Heart Failure.pdf286.17 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00104 – Type 1 Diabetes.pdf285.48 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00105 – BMI Restriction on Surgeries.pdf241.54 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00106 - Financial Payments or Benefits in Kind From Private Sector Companies or Charities.pdf405.83 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00107 – Bariatric Surgery.pdf253.89 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00108 – Diabetes Formulary .pdf292.41 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00108a – Diabetes Formulary.pdf513.32 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00108b – Diabetes Formulary.pdf383.46 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00108c – Diabetes Formulary.pdf372.07 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00108d – Diabetes Formulary.pdf28.52 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00109 – Calculating Personal Health Budgets.pdf524.68 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00109a – Calculating Personal Health Budgets.pdf151.99 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00110 – GP Forward View.pdf260.44 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00110a – GP Forward View.pdf740.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00110b – GP Forward View.pdf2.56 MB
PDF icon WN-2017-00111 – CGM and FGM.pdf236.08 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00112 – CCG Structure Chart.pdf184.01 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00112a – CCG Structure Chart.pdf82 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00113 – Mental Health Services.pdf703.91 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00114 - Adults (18+) with Learning Disabilities.pdf380.41 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00116 – Continuing Healthcare Choice & Equity Policy.pdf226.97 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00116a – Continuing Healthcare Choice & Equity Policy.pdf206.61 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00117 – Laboratories Used For Blood Tests.pdf241.47 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00118 – Alcohol Consumption and Surgery Access.pdf347.08 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00119 - Prescribing Decision Support Systems.pdf394.4 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00120 – Crohn’s Disease.pdf198.31 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00120a – Crohn’s Disease.pdf158.92 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00121 – Fast Track Continuing Healthcare.pdf364.52 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00122 – Gainshare Agreements.pdf362.95 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00123 - UK Adult Rehabilitation Survey on Patient Reported Outcomes Measures.pdf305.34 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00123a - UK Adult Rehabilitation Survey on Patient Reported Outcomes Measures.pdf388.88 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00124 – Agency Nursing Staff.pdf351.61 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00125 – Statins Costs.pdf200.35 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00126 – First Contact Physiotherapists.pdf445.18 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00127 – Vitamin D.pdf187.49 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00127a – Vitamin D.pdf659.9 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00127b – Vitamin D.pdf195.75 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00128 - A&E Fines Reinvested.pdf200.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00129 – Clinical Systems Used in GP Practices.pdf264.37 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00130 – Continuing Healthcare.pdf414.08 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00130a – Continuing Healthcare.pdf254.25 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00131 – CHC Spend.pdf360.89 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00131a – CHC Spend.pdf183.85 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00132 - Formulary.pdf215.71 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0133 – Continuing Healthcare.pdf327.96 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00134 – Community Health Services.pdf341.54 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00134a – Community Health Services.pdf16.63 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00134b – Community Health Services.pdf15.77 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00135 – The Provision of Non Emergency Transfers Service NEPTS.pdf374.2 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00136 – Staff Contact Details.pdf289.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00137 – Fuel Reimbursement Costs.pdf343.86 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00138 – Cervical Screening.pdf409.91 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0139 - VAT.pdf261.33 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0140 - Leuteinising Hormone-Releasing Hormone Analogue (LHRHa) treatments for Prostate Cancer.pdf324.97 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00141 – CCG Structure Chart.pdf261.97 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00141a – CCG Structure Chart.pdf82 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0143 – APMS Contracts.pdf358.67 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0144 – Patient Transport.pdf385.49 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0145 – Autism Assessments.pdf359.25 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0146 - Allegations of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment.pdf308.71 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0147 – Equipment for Children with Disabilities.pdf470.48 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0148 – Personal Health Budgets (PHB).pdf319.67 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0149 – Transformational Funding for General Practice.pdf442.48 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0150 - Somatropin.pdf369.2 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0150a - Somatropin.pdf133.96 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0151 – Autism Services.pdf503.99 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0152 - Haemangioma Diagnosis.pdf280.52 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0153 – Email Address.pdf355.6 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0154 - Migraine.pdf303.52 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0155 – GP At Hand.pdf350.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0156 – Autistic services.pdf402.77 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0157 – Adult Hearing Services.pdf376.42 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0158 – IVF Services.pdf194.14 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0159 - Paediatric Audiology Services.pdf417.7 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0160 – Wheelchair service provider.pdf264.74 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0161 - Hernia.pdf287.11 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0161a - Hernia.pdf218.43 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0162 – Prescribing Formularies.pdf233 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0163 – Elective Care Referrals.pdf378.58 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0164 – Continuing Healthcare.pdf271.65 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0165 – IVF Funding.pdf222.37 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0166 – Information Services.pdf314.28 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0167 – Practice Manager contacts.pdf259.88 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0168 - Ursodeoxycholic.pdf310.84 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0169 – Waiting times for CAMHS Services.pdf274.12 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0170 – Care Home Resident Hospital Admissions.pdf350.8 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0172 – AQP’s commissioned.pdf304.2 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0173 – OOH Services.pdf288.05 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0174 – Dental Services.pdf291.7 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0175 – GDPR Compliance.pdf199.62 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0176 – Caesarean Sections.pdf602.51 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0177 – Palliative Patients Taken to A&E.pdf235.26 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0178 – MSK Services.pdf343.71 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0179 – Incentive Schemes.pdf261.83 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0180 – GP Practices.pdf269.4 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0181 – Health Apps.pdf189.27 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0182 – Dispute and Penalty Payments.pdf186.61 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0183 – Telephone and Internet Services.pdf196.97 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0184 – Facilities Management.pdf282.82 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0185 – GP Practice closures.pdf187.8 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0187 - CAMHS.pdf285.45 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00186 – Health Service for users of the Probation Services.pdf355 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0187 - Appendix 1.pdf336.74 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0188 – GP choice out of area scheme.pdf350.8 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0188 - Appendix A.pdf56.98 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0189 – Minimum waiting times.pdf188.59 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0190 – Potential withdrawal of services.pdf280.76 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0191 – Interpreting services.pdf238.76 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0193 – Emergency Trauma and Orthopaedic Service Commissioning.pdf243.17 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0194 – Lynch Syndrome Screening.pdf191.93 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0195 - Telehealth.pdf222.16 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0196 – Spend on private inpatient beds.pdf393.68 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0196 – Patients with Diabetes.pdf236.86 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0198 – ADHD Services.pdf469.86 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0199 – Suction Machines.pdf190.17 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0200 – Private Providers for communications.pdf267.81 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0201 – End of Life Care.pdf350.9 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0201 - Appendix 1.pdf314.84 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0202 – Improving Care of residents in Care Homes.pdf190.85 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0203 – Responsible Directors across STP area.pdf358.16 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0204 – Continuing Healthcare Patients.pdf532.98 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0205 – Personal Health Budgets.pdf264.63 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0206 – Mental Health Spend.pdf278.63 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0207 - Prescription of Liothyronine T3.pdf135.41 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0207a - Prescription of Liothyronine T3.pdf507.06 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0207b - Prescription of Liothyronine T3.pdf145.74 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0208 – Tier 4 CAMHS Beds.pdf284.74 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0209 – Governing Body Members.pdf284.25 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0211 – Social Media Use.pdf494.92 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0211 - Appendix 1.pdf472.75 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0211 - Appendix 2.pdf225.74 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0211 - Appendix 3.pdf272.72 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0211 - Appendix 4.pdf315.14 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0212 – Contact Information.pdf492.91 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0213 – Continuing Healthcare Reviews .pdf291.85 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0214 – Medicine Management .pdf502.2 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0215 – Child and Adolescent Mental Health.pdf194.08 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0216 – FreeStyle System.pdf281.81 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0217 – Diabetes Type 1 and Eating Disorders.pdf378.24 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0218 – Private Providers of CAMHS Beds.pdf190.4 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0219 – Oculoplastic Surgery.pdf290.93 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0220 – Nexplanon .pdf288.1 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0221 – Contact details.pdf489.28 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0222 – Crohn’s and Colitis Self Management.pdf355.82 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0222 (a) – Crohn’s and Colitis.pdf464.48 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0223 – Community based MSK Services.pdf613.67 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0224 – Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2.pdf279.19 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0225 – Coeliac Disease.pdf350.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-00226 - Enhanced Services Spend.pdf215 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0227 – Fracture Liaison Services.pdf278.9 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0228 – Cataract Surgery.pdf429.44 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0229 – MSK Service Providers.pdf300.98 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0230 – 7 Day Buprenorphine.pdf480.18 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0231 – Locked Rehabilitation.pdf382.04 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0231 - Appendix 1.pdf119.5 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0232 – Weekend GP Appointments.pdf282.21 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0232 - Appendix 1.pdf10.91 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0233 – Primary Healthcare Training.pdf279.52 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0234 – Dental and Oral Health Contracts.pdf284.15 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0235 – Secondary Care Ophthalmology Services.pdf444.95 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0236 – CCG Board Members.pdf366.37 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0237 – GP Practice numbers.pdf292.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0238 – CCG Contact Information.pdf356.86 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0239 – GP Workforce.pdf282.03 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0240 – Personal Health Budgets.pdf281.11 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0241 – NHS 111.pdf280.08 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0242 - Community Services.pdf197.17 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0243 – FreeStyle Libre.pdf418.14 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0244 – Hospital Breaches.pdf477.26 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0244 - Appendix 1.pdf83.47 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0245 – Antenatal Education Classes.pdf302.99 KB
PDF icon WN-2017-0246 – Wound Care Spend.pdf350.26 KB