FoI Disclosure Log 2016 - 2017

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities.
It does this in two ways:

  • public authorities are obliged to publish certain information about their activities; and
  • members of the public are entitled to request information from public authorities.

West Norfolk CCG is committed to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and will provide information to the public where possible.

The FOI Disclosure Log shows details of all completed requests received by West Norfolk CCG since it became a Statutory Body in April 2013.


PDF icon WN-2016-00001 – Provision of Urology Products.pdf200.02 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00002 – Palliative care for Children and Young People.pdf227.83 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00004 – Banking Services, Audit Services and Card Processing Services.pdf277.74 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00005 – Review dates for drugs within the Norfolk Formulary.pdf199.96 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00006 – Federated Networks.pdf185.78 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00008 – Commissioning Services to Children and Young People with life shortening conditions..pdf246.75 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00009 – Staff Numbers and Contact details for WNCCG.pdf233.34 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00010 - Mobile Phones.pdf197.85 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00011 - Heart Failure.pdf257.4 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00011a - Heart Failure Diagnosis and Referral Algorithm.pdf94.6 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00012 - Local Estates Strategy.pdf225.19 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00013 – PMS Reviews.pdf187.68 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00015 – Children with Life-Shortening Conditions.pdf188.4 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00017 – Commissioning Guidelines for Septorhinoplasty & Rhinoplasty.pdf205.24 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00018 – Practice Manager email addresses..pdf228.88 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00021 – Hypnotherapy Funding.pdf184.96 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00023 – CCIOs and CIOs in all CCGs.pdf312.6 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00025 – IT Service Desk Provision.pdf238.45 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00027 – Tier 3 Centres.pdf190.28 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00029 – Early Intervention in Psychosis Services.pdf191.82 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00030 – Reasonable adjustments for people with learning disabilities accessing NHS hospitals in England..pdf186.01 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00031 – Provider Supplier Contracts Management.pdf301.86 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00032 – Community Dermatology Services.pdf185.6 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00034 – Mental Health following the birth of a child.pdf239.21 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00035 - Baseline funding for 2016-17 Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services and Eating Disorder Services.pdf272.16 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00036 – Prescribing Software and Savings Plan.pdf236.69 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00037 – Prostate Cancer Referrals to other NHS Trusts.pdf194.48 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00039 – Information Governance.pdf242.62 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00040 – NHS CHC Funding Requests.pdf223.02 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00042 – CCG Procurement Contact Details.pdf189.28 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00043 – CCG Annual Report.pdf244.5 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00044 – Blood Glucose Meters and Test Strips.pdf278.56 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00045 – Ophthalmology procedures performed at hospitals that are commissioned by CCG.pdf386.14 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00045a – Additional to WN-2016-00045 Ophthalmology.pdf186.33 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00046 – Volume and Costs of Continuing Healthcare.pdf211.9 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00047 – Annual IT Budget.pdf200.65 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00048 – Compromise Agreements in the last 5 years.pdf185.93 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00049 - Child Adolescent Mental Health Services – Budgets and Expenditure.pdf262.16 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00050 – Workforce Data.pdf403.14 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00051 – West Norfolk CCG’s use of Compromise Agreements (settlement Agreements).pdf227.19 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00052 – Electronic Fax Management System for WNCCG.pdf189.68 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00053 – Enhanced Opthalmic Services.pdf186.13 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00055 – Drug review dates.pdf199.92 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00056 – Diabetics Blood Glucose Strips.pdf238.96 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00057 – Mental Health Needs for Single Non-Statutory Homeless Persons.pdf243.28 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00058 – Continuing Healthcare and Funded Nursing Care process.pdf313 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00059 – Dental treatment Waiting Times.pdf198.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00060 – Commissioning of Homeopathy by the CCG.pdf196.41 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00061 – Atopic Dermatitis.pdf236.22 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00062 – Government Banking Service.pdf240.7 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00063 – Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Mental Health Services that West Norfolk CCG commission.pdf244.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00064 – Financial Efficiency of the Public Sector.pdf311.44 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00065 – Standard Contract for Termination of Pregnancy.pdf242.34 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00066 – Elective Caesareans.pdf255.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00067 – Chemsex Related Incidents.pdf250.47 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00068 – Collagenase Treatment Funding.pdf302.67 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00069 – Community Rehabilitation Services.pdf183.14 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00070 – How CCG’s Manage Continuing Healthcare.pdf197.54 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00072 – CCG Spend of GP IT and Enhanced Services.pdf241.51 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00073 – ICT Expenditure.pdf230.56 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00074 – CCG’s Formulary.pdf230.8 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00077 – Non-routine Treatments and Treatment Thresholds and Prior Approval Policy.pdf230.05 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00083 – Names for IT Director and Chief Information Officer.pdf185.58 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00085 - Total prosthetic replacement of hip joint operations.pdf361.19 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00087 – Asthma and COPD Pathway, Treatment Guidelines.pdf307.59 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00088 – Contraceptive Pill.pdf275.1 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00089 - Erectile Dysfunction.pdf390.49 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00090 – Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Monitors and Strips.pdf354.16 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00090a - Blood Glucose Meters and Test Strip Cost Comparison.pdf622.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00092 – Gainshare agreements between CCG and Provider.pdf375.59 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00094 – Internal Plans and Strategies.pdf418.89 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00095 – Type 1 Diabetes.pdf437.74 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00096 – 24 Hour Care Placement Funding.pdf419.21 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00098 – Paracetamol Ibuprofen Aspirin and Codeine Phosphate Purchasing.pdf451.83 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00099 – Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services.pdf354.84 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00100 – GP Practice Lists_0.pdf363.8 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00101 – Audiology Commissioning.pdf264.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00102 – Nursing Care Home Staff.pdf364.06 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00103 – Primary Care Prescribing Rebate Schemes.pdf380.42 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00103a - SNCCG Prescribing Incentive Scheme.pdf220.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00103b - WNCCG Prescribing Incentive Scheme.pdf584.51 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00103c - NNCCG Prescribing Incentive Scheme.pdf311.54 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00104 – Social Value.pdf359.33 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00105 – Community and Integrated Care Expenditure.pdf458.31 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00106 – Electric Charging Vehicles.pdf351.6 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00107 – Care Packages under the Mental Health ACT 1983.pdf351.79 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00108 – District and Practice Nurse Employment.pdf354.92 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00109 – Anti Depressant Prescribing for Under 18s.pdf366.07 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00111 – Mental Health Expenditure.pdf346.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00112 – Clinical Listed Procedures.pdf407.16 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00113 – PBX Provision.pdf361.08 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00114 – Purchase of Healthcare from Non NHS Bodies.pdf279.08 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00115 – NHS Services delivered at Private Hospitals.pdf458.16 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00116 – Tier 3 Weight Management Services_1.pdf343.82 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00117 – Faecal Calprotectin Testing_1.pdf359.62 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00118 – Occupational Therapist Employment Figures_0.pdf205.95 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00119 – GP Direct Access Pathology_0.pdf329.85 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00120 – Volume of Continuing Healthcare funded by CCG_0.pdf351.8 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00121 – Borough Council Facilities Management_0.pdf365.26 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00122 – Competitive Tenders_0.pdf188.86 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00123 – Wound Care Formulary_0.pdf472.03 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00123a - Woundcare Formulary_0.pdf69.5 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00124 – Mental Health Services - ADHD_0.pdf324.43 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00125 – Delayed Care or Refusal of Treatment_1.pdf349.61 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00126 – Personal Health Budgets and Integrated Personal Commissioning Budgets_0.pdf378.28 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00127 – Norfolk and Waveney Sustainability and Transformation Plan_0.pdf349.23 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00128 – Rebate Agreements_3.pdf356.12 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00128a – Rebate Agreements_0.pdf185.3 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00129 – Urology Referrals_0.pdf344.66 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00130 – Patients supported through the continuing healthcare budget_1.pdf355.39 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00131 – Cervical Screening Attendance_0.pdf356.54 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00132 – Patient Participation Groups_0.pdf355.37 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00133 – Specialist Interventions for individuals with Financial difficulties and Mental Health problems_0.pdf378.22 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00134 – Adult Hearing Services_0.pdf360.5 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00135 – HIV Funding_0.pdf344.91 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00136 – Performance of Out of Hours Service_6.pdf477.45 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00137 – Audiology AQP Performance and Monitoring.pdf266.61 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00138 – Nutrition Guidelines.pdf439.38 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00139 – Glucose Test Strips_0.pdf350.07 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00139a - Blood Glucose Meters and Test Strip Cost Comparison_0.pdf620.47 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00140 – Smoking Cessation Medications_0.pdf361.88 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00140a – Smoking Cessation Medication_0.pdf451.37 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00141 – Pen Needle Usage_0.pdf363.06 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00142 – Procedures to reduce non-urgent unnecessary referrals for hospital treatment.pdf354.86 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00143 – Referral Management Centre.pdf394.3 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00144 – IT Security.pdf438.44 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00145 - All Party Parliamentary Thrombosis Group.pdf389.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00146 – Funding of new treatments and or drugs approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence_0.pdf356.94 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00147 – ICT Technical Training Course purchasing.pdf360.68 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00148 – Commissioning of Tier 3 Weight Management Clinics.pdf375.54 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00149 – Homeopathic Treatment.pdf235.85 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00150 – Procurement for Tier 3 Weight Management.pdf352.69 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00151 – Adult Mental Health Services.pdf270.98 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00152 – Mental Health Rehabilitation Services.pdf503.7 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00153 – Continuing Healthcare Choice and Equality.pdf267.38 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00154 – Treatment of Type I Diabetes.pdf426.85 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00155 – Limits to Access or Eligibility for Services.pdf353.94 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00156 – Hip Athroplasty.pdf449.58 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00157 – Non-Routine Treatments and Treatment Thresholds.pdf363.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00157a Non-routine Treatments and Treatment Thresholds Policy.pdf1.22 MB
PDF icon WN-2016-00158 – Organisation Structure.pdf349.96 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00159 – Referral Management Centre.pdf344.98 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00160 – Children and Young Peoples Mental Health.pdf400.99 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00162 – Domiciliary Medicines Review.pdf184.11 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00163 – Oral Nutritional Supplement Recommendations for CCG’s.pdf618.15 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00164 – Skin Lesion Referrals.pdf439.83 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00165 – Implementation of the Family and Friends Test.pdf360.25 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00166 – Continence Product Formulary.pdf346.34 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00166a - Continence Formulary Prescribing Guide.pdf1.99 MB
PDF icon WN-2016-00167 – NHS Constitution.pdf431.63 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00167a - NHS Constitution.pdf752.8 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00168 – Non- Clinical Consultant spend.pdf444.95 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00169 – Budget of CCG for 2016-17.pdf370.06 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00170 – Continuing Health Care Assessment times.pdf327.02 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00171 – Community Wide Shared Record - Clinical Portal - Interoperability.pdf316.16 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00172 – Memory Clinics.pdf352.39 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00173 – Annual Spend of Oral Nutritional Supplements.pdf345.7 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00174 – Accountable Officer Expenses.pdf350.52 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00174a – Accountable Officer Expenses.pdf903.78 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00175 – CCG Social Spending 2015.pdf338.22 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00176 – IVF Restriction and Provision.pdf250.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00177 – Services Commissioned for Women.pdf350.49 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00178 – Annual Spend on Oral Nutritional Supplements.pdf424.26 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00180 – Mental Health Issues for each WNCCG Surgery.pdf443.56 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00007 - CCG Expenditure 2015-16 for Mental Health Placements.pdf206.55 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00014 - Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services.pdf188.19 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00019 - Care & Treatment Reviews for those Diagnosed with Learning Disabilities.pdf137.35 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00020 - Recycled Equipment for Disabled & Terminally Ill Children.pdf148.48 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00022 - Chronic Pain Referrals.pdf235.33 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00022a - Managing First Follow Up.pdf385.38 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00024 - Agency Workers.pdf190.41 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00028 - Contaminated Blood Transfusions.pdf229.88 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00033 - Hospital Car Parking.pdf245.78 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00041 - Diamorphine Prescriptions.pdf134.59 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00054 - Assisted Reproduction Services, Policy or Criteria.pdf190.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00054a - Fertility Services Commissioning Policy.pdf353.12 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00071 - Commissioning & Design of Mental Health Services.pdf241.98 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00075 - IVF Treatment Policy.pdf577.37 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00075a - Fertility Services Commissioning Policy.pdf353.12 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00076 - Ambulance Services Commissioned.pdf537.12 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00078 - Services for People with Neurological Conditions.pdf400.55 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00079 - Practice Prescribing Decision Support Systems.pdf445.32 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00080 - CCG Spending.pdf395.49 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00082 - Social Media Policy.pdf382.03 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00082a - NHSmail Policy.pdf225.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00082b - Acceptable Use of IT Policy NHSE V1 Oct 12.pdf272.72 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00082c - Acceptable Use Policy NHSBSA Mar 14.pdf315.12 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00082d - WNCCG Social Media Guide.pdf296.79 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00084 - CCG Lead Nurse.pdf382.92 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00086 - Neurorehabilitation.pdf462.59 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00091 - CCG IT Services.pdf383.97 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00093 - Clinical & Commissioning Leads for Stroke AF & Cardiology.pdf380.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00097 - Contracts Commissioned under Any Qualified Provider.pdf313.09 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00110 - Organisations Contracted to Provide NHS Community Health Services.pdf539.55 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00170 – Continuing Healthcare Alliance.pdf545.37 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00179 - Bariatric Surgery.pdf190.2 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00181 – Funding and Referral Data on CAMHS commissioned by the CCG.pdf293.21 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00182 – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.pdf495.86 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00183 – Clinical Triage for Dermatology.pdf359.88 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00184 – Telehealth and Telemedicine Services or Programmes.pdf371.58 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00185 – Homeopathy Expenditure.pdf345.08 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00186 – Information Technology.pdf352.72 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00187 – Oral Nutritional Supplement Rebates.pdf262.77 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00188 – Data Protection Act & Access to Health Records Act.pdf490.4 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00189 – Acute Trust Contracts.pdf370.98 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00190 – Healthy Living Pharmacies in West Norfolk.pdf349.54 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00191 – GP Names for West Norfolk CCG.pdf350.14 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00191a – GP Names.pdf226.65 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00192 – CHC for Adult Services.pdf453.48 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00193 – Commissioning of Care for Blood and Marrow Transplantation.pdf431.23 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00194 – Rapid Specialist Opinion System.pdf350.97 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00195 – Gastric Band Surgery in West Norfolk.pdf358.05 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00196 – Hospital Breaching.pdf391.07 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00197 – CCG Restriction of Services.pdf439.24 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00198 – Average Annual Payments per Registered NHS GP.pdf358.42 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00199 – Implant Removals.pdf432.43 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00200 - Infliximab.pdf325.16 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00201 – GP Networks Operating within the CCG.pdf369.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00203 – General Practice Forward View Plan.pdf347.68 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00204 – NHS Funded Nursing Care.pdf436.53 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00205 – NHS Government Banking Services.pdf471.48 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00207 – Sanctioning the use of Patients CHC Budgets.pdf350.83 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00208 – Prescription Ordering Direct.pdf345.59 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00209 – Funded Care Spend and Activity.pdf424.44 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00210 - CHC FOI Questionnaire.pdf448.32 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00210a - CHC FOI Questionnaire.pdf204.84 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00211 – Oral Nutritional Supplements.pdf345.51 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00212 – Commissioning and Contracting of Out of Hours Services.pdf358.36 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00213 – Patient Transport and Ambulance Services.pdf532.86 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00214 – Funding of Drugs.pdf356.34 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00215 – Emergency Care Telephony.pdf351.95 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00216 – Vascular Services.pdf353.14 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00217 – Substance Abuse and Misuse.pdf341.75 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00218 – Reduction of Inappropriate Referrals.pdf423.69 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00219 – Dietetic Caseload.pdf261.33 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00220 – Pharmacy Department Staffing.pdf357.69 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00221 – Adult and Children’s Hospice Services.pdf394.04 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00222 – Childhood Bladder and Bowel Problems.pdf195.06 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00223 – Blood Glucose Test Strip Rebate Schemes.pdf417.4 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00224 – Commissioning of Mental health Rehabilitation Services.pdf458.77 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00226 – General IT Infrastructure.pdf583.06 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00227 – Oral Nutritional Supplement Formulary.pdf227.02 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00227a – Oral Nutritional Supplement Formulary.pdf99.97 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00228 – Government Prevent Strategy for Terrorism.pdf421.58 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00229 – Outsourcing of Non-Emergency Patient Transport.pdf421.43 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00230 – Oral Nutritional Supplements.pdf339.67 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00231 – Cataract Surgery.pdf389.32 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00232 – Governing Body Expenses.pdf367.24 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00233 – Podiatrist Commissioning.pdf364.62 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00234 – Fertility Counselling.pdf360.46 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00235 – Algorithm Pathway.pdf275.44 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00235a – Algorithm Pathway.pdf1.03 MB
PDF icon WN-2016-00236 – Regional Sustainability and Transformation Plan.pdf310.52 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00237 – Commissioning of Primary Care.pdf352.08 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00238 – Acupuncture Services.pdf348.23 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00239 – Restrictions or Thresholds on Access on Referrals or Treatments.pdf273.79 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00240 – Facial Palsy Treatments or Surgery.pdf352.06 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00241 – Occupational Therapy Commissioning.pdf353.1 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00242 – Neurology, Neurosciences and Multiple Sclerosis Commissioning.pdf355.32 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00243 – Referral Management Contract.pdf346.4 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00244 – Musculoskeletal Services.pdf502.08 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00245 – NICE Approved Treatments.pdf424.63 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00246 – QEH Suppliers.pdf185.46 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00246a - QEH Suppliers.pdf148.48 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00247 – Community Healthcare Provision.pdf200.38 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00248 – Provision of Assistive Devices following Total Hip Replacement.pdf233.24 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00251 – CHC Patient Information Recording Provision.pdf263.19 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00255 – Redress Payments Policy October 2013.pdf351.15 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00255a - Redress Payments Policy October 2013.pdf253.97 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00257 – Neuro-Rehabilitation.pdf261.26 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00260 - Mental Health Budgets.pdf405.71 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00261 – Ophthalmology and Eye Care Services.pdf365.39 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00263 – CCG provision of bisphosphonates, Faslodex (fulvestrant), and Breast Reconstruction and Rebalancing surgery.pdf330.23 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00264 – Clinical Ophthalmology.pdf538.26 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00265 – IAPT Services.pdf428.68 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00266 – Electronic Palliative Care Co-Ordination System.pdf359.32 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00267 – Referral Management Policy.pdf342.97 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00268 - Neurological FOI Questions.pdf131.72 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00268a Neurological FOI Questions.pdf171.47 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00270 – Use of Private Consultancy Firms.pdf214.11 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00271 – Fertility Treatments and Plans.pdf257.15 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00272 – Foot Protection Service.pdf310.28 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00273 – Telephone Assessment Services (TAS).pdf262.1 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00274 – Hypoallergenic Formula.pdf199.05 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00275 – Cluster Headaches (Oxygen Therapy).pdf248.76 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00276 – NHS West Norfolk CCG Organisation Chart.pdf230.19 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00277 – Antimicrobial Stewardship.pdf231.52 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00278 – Community Eating Disorders Service.pdf448.91 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00279 – Individual responsible for Managing Patient Administration Process and or Technology.pdf359.19 KB
PDF icon WN-2016-00280 – NHS Continuing Care Eligibility.pdf486.06 KB