FoI Disclosure Log 2015 - 2016

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities.
It does this in two ways:

  • public authorities are obliged to publish certain information about their activities; and
  • members of the public are entitled to request information from public authorities.

West Norfolk CCG is committed to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and will provide information to the public where possible.

The FOI Disclosure Log shows details of all completed requests received by West Norfolk CCG since it became a Statutory Body in April 2013.


PDF icon WN-2015-00001 - Alcohol Detoxification Services.pdf198.65 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00002 - Congestive heart failure, Urinary Tract Infections & Urinary Catheter.pdf168.02 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00003 – Hearing Aids – Audiology Services.pdf272.68 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00004 – ICT - I.T Department.pdf182.68 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00005 - Pharmaceutical Product Rebate Schemes .pdf176.72 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00007 – Primary Care Rebate Schemes.pdf185.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00008 - 2015-16 Activity and Finance Plan.pdf174.42 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00009 – Child & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS).pdf186.55 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00010 – Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS).pdf263.4 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00011 – Fracture Liaison Services.pdf186.21 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00012 – Lymphoedema & chronic oedema related to cancer treatment.pdf242.61 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00013 – Magazine Subscriptions .pdf232.35 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00014 - Employees responsible for efficiency & savings.pdf241.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00015 – Hardware maintenance and I.T. costs.pdf185.58 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00016- Formularies containing Infant Nutrition Products.pdf135.01 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00017 - CCG & Local Council Dementia Leads.pdf180.67 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00018 - Specialist Nurses for Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and all neurological conditions.pdf188.63 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00019 – Hearing Aids.pdf190.03 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00020 – Practice Managers.pdf298.04 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00021 – Homeopathic Medicine.pdf196.38 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00022 – External Recruitment Agencies.pdf192.89 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00023 – CCG Procurement.pdf187.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00024 – Bariatric Surgery.pdf230.77 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00025 – Hospital Admission Avoidance Scheme.pdf242.6 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00027 - Better Care Fund & Contact Details.pdf193.81 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00028 – CCG Contact Details.pdf336.49 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00029 – Diabetes Patients & Self-Monitoring.pdf184.93 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00030 – Commissioning Support Units.pdf281.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00031 – Clinical Leads for men’s & women’s health.pdf346.76 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00032 – Contact details for vascular disease lead.pdf234.83 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00033 – GP Federations.pdf199.79 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00034 – CCG Schemes & Programs.pdf208.53 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00035 – Barrett’s Oesophagus.pdf292.85 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00036 – IT server, storage and networking maintenance support contracts.pdf201.78 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00037 - Laboratory Services.pdf108.51 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00038 – GP contract.pdf237.05 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00039 – GPs sickness.pdf204.01 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00040 – Cataract Surgery.pdf380.85 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00041 – Continuing Healthcare Fraud.pdf107.42 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00042 – Dermatology Services.pdf240.86 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00043 – Personal Health Budgets.pdf233.63 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00044 – Management Consultant Spend.pdf168.98 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00045 – Catheters.pdf286.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00046 - Governing Body role details.pdf188.86 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00047 - Highest paid Doctors.pdf188.1 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00049 - Retirement.pdf188.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00050 - Pathology Services & costs.pdf225.98 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00051 - Payroll.pdf238.96 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00052 – Personal Medical Services budget.pdf187.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00053 - Neurology and Dermatology Clinical Leads contact details.pdf225.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00054 - Communications staffing.pdf226.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00055 - ICT Services.pdf209.48 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00056 - Dementia & Power of Attorney.pdf185.79 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00057 - CCG budget and Pathology spend 2014-15.pdf234.83 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00058 - Blood Pressure Monitoring and ECG.pdf242.01 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00059 - Primary care rebate contracts and schemes.pdf234.54 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00060 – Finance team structure.pdf247.79 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00061 - Foot protection service.pdf402.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00063 - Primary Care Prescribing.pdf193.53 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00064 - Power of Attorney or Deputyship.pdf249.98 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00065 - Mental Health Budget.pdf209.57 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00066 - Budget breakdown.pdf223.92 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00067 - Palliative and End of Life Care.pdf193.72 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00068 - Text Message and Email Reminders.pdf232.65 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00069 - Procurement and Competitve Tendering.pdf391.22 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00070 – IT Data Centre.pdf214.49 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00071 - Mental health expenditure.pdf282.45 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00072 - IT contracts.pdf259.65 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00073 - ICT Services.pdf181.1 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00074 - Audiology provisions.pdf267.43 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00075 – Corporate management structure.pdf274.34 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00076 - Cardiovascular Disease.pdf216.46 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00077 (IR) Structured Diabetes.pdf428.83 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00078 - GP Locums.pdf214.14 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00079 - Cough Assist Machines.pdf269.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00080 - Governing Body Members.pdf260.92 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00081 - Drug Contracts.pdf295.58 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00082 - Alcohol addiction - under 18s.pdf216.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00083 - Provision of electronic assistive technology to patients with complex physical disabilities in the East of England.pdf192.36 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00084 - Special severance payments which have been part of compromise agreements.pdf228.2 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00085 - Mental Health crisis house services.pdf191.76 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00086 - Greater Manchester Medicines Management Group declarations register.pdf241.45 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00087 - Palliative Care.pdf253.63 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00089 - IVF Treatment.pdf273.17 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00090 - A list of all Commissioners within the CCG and their job titles.pdf195.05 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00091 - A list of every database your authority holds alongside a description of what the database is.pdf224.78 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00093 - Contracts tendered.pdf135.02 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00095 - Allied health and Health Science professions.pdf215.32 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00096 - Podiatry services.pdf135.85 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00097 - Electronic Medical records.pdf228.42 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00098 - Facial Palsy.pdf250.02 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00099 - IVF Cycles.pdf387.07 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00100 - Eligibility for Services.pdf199.22 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00101 - Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration.pdf249.34 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00102 - Therapeutics Advisory board.pdf227 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00103 - Personal Health Budgets.pdf234.37 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00104 - Procuring External providers.pdf258.55 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00105 - Provider payments.pdf233.42 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00106 - Obesity services.pdf240.14 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00107 - Health Service Journal.pdf229.53 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00108 - Wig Provision Policy.pdf190.53 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00109 - Waste Support and maintenance Contracts.pdf183.57 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00110 - Medicine Management.pdf185.66 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00111 - CCG Budget.pdf251.44 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00112 - CCG Members Email.pdf184.95 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00113 - Staffing Levels for GP OOH.pdf187.86 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00114 - CCG’s Finance and Activity Plan for 2015-16.pdf227.72 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00115 - CCG 2015-16 QIPP Plan.pdf232.22 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00116 - Patient pathways.pdf247.37 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00117 - INR Blood Coagulation Management.pdf244.27 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00118 - CCG Population Figures and Spend.pdf397.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00119 - Targets.pdf239.37 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00120 - Applications for High Cost Drugs.pdf316.65 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00121 - Continence Services.pdf189.39 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00122 - Spend on Non Medical Non Clinical Interim Staff.pdf186.39 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00123 - Breaching Quality requirements.pdf629.32 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00124 - Mental Health Budget allocated to West Norfolk.pdf233.82 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00125 - Growth Hormone Guidance.pdf259.35 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00027 - Better Care Fund & Contact Details.pdf193.81 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00128 - CCG Organisational Structure Breakdown.pdf240.91 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00129 - Financial benefits from Pharmaceutical or Medical device Companies..pdf309.51 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00130 - Community Services Contract.pdf189.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00131 - Management Consultancy Contracts.pdf184.59 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00132 - NHS Continuing Healthcare.pdf241.74 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00133 - Restorative Dentistry Services.pdf186.98 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00134 - Prescription of Gluten Free foods to Coeliacs.pdf316.16 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00135 - Services Commissioned from Community Pharmacies.pdf192.33 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00136 - Number of GP Practices with the WNCCG.pdf189.09 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00137 - Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Referrals 2014-15.pdf259 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00138 - Reinvesting PMS Premium Funding.pdf261.71 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00139 - GP Out of Hours Services.pdf200.8 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00140 - Licenses for IT Security Areas.pdf243.22 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00141 - NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding.pdf233.08 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00142 - Continuing Healthcare Payments.pdf336.17 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00143 - West Norfolk CCG Details.pdf245.35 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00144 - Complaints to Continuing Healthcare Claims.pdf309.52 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00145 - IAPT Waiting times.pdf187.05 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00146 - CCG Names and Contact Details.pdf192.2 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00147 - Financial Allocation for CCG’s.pdf244.25 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00148 - COPD Services.pdf188 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00149 - Prescribing of Gluten Free Food.pdf272.59 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00150 - Admitted Patient Care.pdf362.2 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00151 - Renal Services Contracts.pdf232.99 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00152 - Continence Aids.pdf351.7 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00153 - Commissioning of Primary Care Services.pdf185.89 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00154 - Agency Staff (Locums).pdf210.67 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00155 - Clinical Audits on Home Oxygen Services.pdf393.44 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00155a – Clinical Audits on Home Oxygen Services.pdf154.38 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00156 - Cataract Surgery Eligibility.pdf256.41 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00157 - Atrial Fibrillation.pdf436.28 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00158 - Software Contracts.pdf255.24 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00159 - Child Health Record Department contact.pdf185.3 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00160 - IT Service Level Agreements for both the CCG(s) and Primary Care.pdf244.51 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00161 - Prostate Cancer Pathway Appendix A (Oral Nutritional Supplements).pdf395.54 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00161 - Prostate Cancer Pathway Appendix B (PSA Guidelines for GPs).pdf537.11 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00161 - Prostate Cancer Pathway Appendix C (Urinary Symptom Assessment QEHKL).pdf150.04 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00161 - Prostate Cancer Pathways.pdf232.13 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00162 - Physical Exercise and Exercise Promotion.pdf235.17 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00163 - Commissioning of Armed Forces Veteran Specific Healthcare Services.pdf199.52 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00164 - Authorised Witnesses.pdf185.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00165 - Budget Allocation to non-NHS Providers.pdf231.17 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00166 - NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding.pdf412.94 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00167 - Telemedicine, Telehealth and Telecare initial pilots commissioned by your CCG, between 2010-2014.pdf198.74 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00168 - Expenditure on or procurement budget for the years 2010-2014 (inclusive) for NHS West Norfolk CCG.pdf269.58 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00169 - UK EU citizen data in the US.pdf267.81 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00170 - – Block or assured risk share contract payment arrangements.pdf274.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00171 - Gainshare Agreements.pdf266.36 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00172 - Urgent and Emergency Care Networks.pdf199.38 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00173 - Medicines Management - Prescribing - Formulary Committees.pdf194.65 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00174 - Hundred Hour Pharmacies.pdf183.9 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00175 - Financial Spend & Forecast Information.pdf251.38 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00176 - Procedure of limited clinical effectiveness policy.pdf273.47 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00177 - 2016-17 CQUIN obligations.pdf289.67 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00178 - CCG Targets and Performance.pdf242.06 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00179 - Applications for NHS Continuing Health Care Fund.pdf353.01 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00180 - Paperless Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System.pdf267.07 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00181 - GP Federations Federating Groups Organisations.pdf188.67 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00182 - Development and Testing Framework.pdf135.27 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00183 - Inpatient Psychiatric Care for Adults in England and Northern Ireland.pdf291.49 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00184 - Management of Wet ARMD.pdf188.1 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00185 - Vitamin D Deficiency, Insufficiency and Maintenance..pdf1 MB
PDF icon WN-2015-00186 - Localities, Number of Practices within each locality.pdf214.47 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00187 - Costs for 24 Hour ECG Recording (Holter)..pdf284.18 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00188 - SRG Board Members.pdf211.43 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00189 - Care Pathway for children and Young People with Cerebral Palsy.pdf193.19 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00190 - Education Services provided by CCG for Type 1 Diabetes.pdf440.11 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00191 - Formulary Skin Appendix 1.pdf190.87 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00191 - Formulary Skin.pdf183.19 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00192 - Seasonal Resilience Funding.pdf186.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00193 - Orthotic Service Commissioned by WNCCG.pdf242.14 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00194 - Mental Health Services commissioned within WNCCG.pdf249.96 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00195 - Contribution of Patient Personal Health Data.pdf261.89 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00196 - Expenditure for Mental Health Residential and Nursing Care Placements..pdf272.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00197 - GP Out of Hours.pdf269.18 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00198 - Vascular Disease.pdf311.76 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00199 - Safe Staffing.pdf226.17 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00200 - Population Figures of GP’s within WNCCG.pdf238.18 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00201 - Executive Staff Members.pdf187.45 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00202 - CQUIN Payments to Independent Care Homes.pdf231.25 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00204 - Local Area Network Contract.pdf327.95 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00205 - GP networks operating within WNCCG.pdf242.77 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00206 - Early Intervention in Psychosis Appendix 1.pdf77.62 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00206 - Early Intervention in Psychosis.pdf213.59 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00207 - Commissioner Requested Services.pdf186.67 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00208 - Video Appointments.pdf185.24 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00209 - Out of Hours Services.pdf188.8 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00210 - Current and Previous Out of Hours Providers.pdf264.91 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00210 - Current and Previous Out of Hours Providers Appx 1 NHS111 Ambulance transfers.pdf92.28 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00210 - Current and Previous Out of Hours Providers Appx 2 SOP O76 Jan 2015.pdf81.1 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00210 - Current and Previous Out of Hours Providers Appx 3 Process V Stanley 111 ambulance dispatch 30 1 2015.pdf277.55 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00210 - Current and Previous Out of Hours Providers Appx 4 Data ambulance dispatch Jan 2015.pdf1.2 MB
PDF icon WN-2015-00210 - Current and Previous Out of Hours Providers Appx 5 Letter V Stanley 111 ambulance dispatch 30 1 2015.pdf445.44 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00211 - Prescribing of Specialised formula.pdf185.23 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00211a - Prescribing of Specialised formula Appx 1.pdf239.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00212 – Diabetes.pdf343.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00213 – Provision of community disability equipment.pdf197.91 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00214 – Implementation of SEND Reforms.pdf311.07 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00215 – Diabetic Products.pdf197.71 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00216 – Governance Staff.pdf186.21 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00217 – Migrant Population.pdf323.68 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00218 – Adult onset PTSD.pdf265.82 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00219 – Better Care Fund.pdf198.33 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00219a – Better Care Fund Appx 1.pdf77.49 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00220 - Locum Freelanced and Salaried GPs within WNCCG.pdf312.06 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00221 - Pelvic Congestion Syndrome.pdf235.38 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00222 – Helicobacter Pylori Testing.pdf234.38 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00223 – CAMHS Waiting Times.pdf266.16 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00224 – Child & Young People’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Local Transformation Plan.pdf232.84 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00225 – Configuration of CCG’s throughout the NHS.pdf235.64 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00226 – Palliative and End of Life Care for Adults and Children.pdf184.98 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00227 – Continence Patients.pdf262.41 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00228 – Wheelchair Assessments.pdf186.73 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00229 – MORI 360 degree stakeholder surveys.pdf233.51 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00230 – Norfolk Medicines Formulary.pdf242.26 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00231 - Current Clinical Contracts.pdf250.8 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00231a - Current Clinical Contracts.pdf292.61 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00232 – Prescribing Priorities in CCG’s.pdf233.74 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00232a – Prescribing Priorities in CCG’s.pdf429.19 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00232b – Prescribing Priorities in CCG’s.pdf370.88 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00232c – Prescribing Priorities in CCG’s.pdf584.51 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00232d – Prescribing Priorities in CCG’s.pdf688.41 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00233 - National Prescribing for Multiple Sclerosis.pdf243.51 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00234 – Contact Details for CCG Members.pdf186.83 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00235 – Media Licenses.pdf223.75 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00236 - Administration of Gonadorelin (GnRH) Analogues for the treatment of Prostate Cancer.pdf183.42 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00237 – Optical Contracts.pdf201.29 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00239 – Minutes of Therapeutics Advisory Group & Prescribing Reference group.pdf187.49 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00239a – Minutes of Therapeutics Advisory Group & Prescribing Reference group.pdf407.96 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00240 - End of Life.pdf179.48 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00240a - End of Life.pdf141.61 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00241 – Numbers of Patients receiving NHS continuing care.pdf196.77 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00242 – Enquiry for individuals still working for CCG.pdf228.2 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00243 – Norfolk Integrated Community Equipment Service Store Contract and the actual spend.pdf199.69 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00244 – Oesophageal Cancer Commissioner.pdf200 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00245 – CCG’s Spend on Enhanced Services.pdf197.03 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00246 – Action Cerebral Palsy (ACP).pdf375.33 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00247 – Staff pay and remuneration for the trust’s directors.pdf236.4 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00249 – Practices Funding from CCG’s.pdf185.52 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00250 – Hypertension rates in West Norfolk CCG.pdf185.93 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00251 - CCG Expenditure on General Practice over Time.pdf186.63 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00253 - Referral Management Centres that assess referrals by local GPs.pdf207.33 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00254 – Personal Health Budgets.pdf233.35 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00255 - Present of Channel Programme.pdf210.13 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00256 – Request for meeting minutes of Therapeutics Advisory Group and Prescribing Reference Group.pdf187.58 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00256a - Norfolk Summary Drug Formulary.pdf695 KB
PDF icon WN-2015-00257 - GPs in West Norfolk CCG.pdf228.99 KB