FoI Disclosure Log 2014 - 2015

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities.
It does this in two ways:

  • public authorities are obliged to publish certain information about their activities; and
  • members of the public are entitled to request information from public authorities.

West Norfolk CCG is committed to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and will provide information to the public where possible.

The FOI Disclosure Log shows details of all completed requests received by West Norfolk CCG since it became a Statutory Body in April 2013.


PDF icon WN269 - Contract awards for clinical services (Part 1).pdf151.6 KB
PDF icon WN269 - Contract Awards for Clinical Services (Part 2).pdf422.91 KB
PDF icon WN270 – Norfolk Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (NHOSC) – NICE Guidance.pdf345.62 KB
PDF icon WN271 - Mobile Phone contract information (Sept 14).pdf200.47 KB
PDF icon WN272 – Consultation of children on the provision of healthcare services (Sept 14).pdf290.75 KB
PDF icon WN273 – Hip Replacements and NICE Guidelines (Sept 14).pdf290.77 KB
PDF icon WN274 – Expenditure over £25,000 (Part 1).pdf243.71 KB
PDF icon WN274 – Expenditure over £25,000 (Part 2).pdf116.22 KB
PDF icon WN275 - Secondary care ophthalmology services commissioned (Sept 14).pdf230.55 KB
PDF icon WN276 - Wound Care & Tissue Viability Formulary (Sept 14).pdf137.38 KB
PDF icon WN277 – Better Care Fund (September 2014).pdf245.22 KB
PDF icon WN278 – Tendering of community services provision (Sept 14).pdf223.62 KB
PDF icon WN279 - Community Palliative Services .pdf311.19 KB
PDF icon WN280 – £5 per patient from its allocation for 2014-15 (Oct 14).pdf352.9 KB
PDF icon WN281 – WNCCG Employees and Governing Body.pdf185.39 KB
PDF icon WN282 – Elective Procedures, Government Funding.pdf251.22 KB
PDF icon WN283 – WNCCG Employees (Oct 2014).pdf186.45 KB
PDF icon WN284 - Acupuncture.pdf246.27 KB
PDF icon WN285 – Mental Health.pdf189.01 KB
PDF icon WN286 – Mental Health Strategy.pdf259.66 KB
PDF icon WN287 – Parity of esteem between mental and physical health.pdf185.5 KB
PDF icon WN288 – WNCCG Employees.pdf187.58 KB
PDF icon WN289 – Employee Remuneration.pdf242.56 KB
PDF icon WN291 - Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal (MSK) Part 2.pdf253.96 KB
PDF icon WN291 – Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal (MSK) Part 1.pdf290.96 KB
PDF icon WN292 - Contracts.pdf202.69 KB
PDF icon WN293 – Integrated Care Strategy & IM&T Strategy.pdf250.56 KB
PDF icon WN294 – Telehealth & Telecare Services.pdf187.72 KB
PDF icon WN295 – Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).pdf179.97 KB
PDF icon WN296 – Formulary.pdf259.39 KB
PDF icon WN297 – Personal Health Budgets for Long Term Conditions (LTC).pdf186.63 KB
PDF icon WN298 – Cancer Diagnostics.pdf243.1 KB
PDF icon WN299 – External Consultancy.pdf198.33 KB
PDF icon WN300 – Motor Neurone Disease.pdf238.9 KB
PDF icon WN301 – WNCCG Finance Team details.pdf185 KB
PDF icon WN302 – Commissioners of Healthcare Services.pdf300.95 KB
PDF icon WN303 - Audiology Services.pdf232.48 KB
PDF icon WN304 – Confederation of British Industry.pdf261.83 KB
PDF icon WN305 – facilities management, maintenance and refurbishment.pdf246.56 KB
PDF icon WN306 – Consultancy Services.pdf206.12 KB
PDF icon WN307 – Third Party Contracts with Unite Health & McKinsey.pdf274.19 KB
PDF icon WN308 – CCG Lead on Continence.pdf332.42 KB
PDF icon WN309 - Co-commissioning ‘Expression of Interest’.pdf274.53 KB
PDF icon WN310 – MSK, integrated pathway contract. Diagnostic imaging services in the community. GP Direct Access Scan.pdf254.69 KB
PDF icon WN311 - Formulary inclusion and reimbursement of Nano pen needles.pdf135.8 KB
PDF icon WN312 – Biologics Spend.pdf223.28 KB
PDF icon WN313 – Better Care Fund.pdf186.28 KB
PDF icon WN314 – Spinal Cord Stimulation.pdf184.64 KB
PDF icon WN315 – Suppliers.pdf181.22 KB
PDF icon WN316 – Adult Hearing Services.pdf277.45 KB
PDF icon WN317 – Policy for Redress Payments.pdf225.25 KB
PDF icon WN318 – CQUINs for providers of community services.pdf233.86 KB
PDF icon WN319 – VAT & Tax.pdf185.25 KB
PDF icon WN320 – Details of WNCCG Employees.pdf184.45 KB
PDF icon WN321 – De-commissioning of Mental Health Services.pdf186.79 KB
PDF icon WN322 - Innovation, Health & Wealth.pdf199.42 KB
PDF icon WN323 – Contracts for NHS Clinical Services.pdf306.28 KB
PDF icon WN324 - Sanofi-Aventis.pdf186.09 KB
PDF icon WN325 - GP Vacancies & Avoidable Admissions.pdf194.88 KB
PDF icon WN326 - Dementia Care.pdf139.59 KB
PDF icon WN327- GP direct access to diagnostics.pdf134.91 KB
PDF icon WN328 - GP referrals for suspected cancer.pdf252.62 KB
PDF icon WN329 – District Nursing.pdf297.38 KB
PDF icon WN331 - Cholesterol.pdf136.34 KB
PDF icon WN332 – Outsourced NHS Contracts_0.pdf192.25 KB
PDF icon WN333 – GP Members on WNCCG Governing Body.pdf325.72 KB
PDF icon WN334 – Contact Details.pdf228.07 KB
PDF icon WN335 – Commissioning Treatment.pdf307.95 KB
PDF icon WN336 - Orthopaedic Surgery.pdf151.4 KB
PDF icon WN337 - Lynch Syndrome.pdf225.7 KB
PDF icon WN338 – Governing Body Members, Conflicts of Interest.pdf188.08 KB
PDF icon WN339 – Co- Commissioning intentions.pdf184.44 KB
PDF icon WN341 – WNCCG non-clinical staff remuneration.pdf327.77 KB
PDF icon WN342 - Complaints.pdf139.03 KB
PDF icon WN343 – Care Packages & Serious Incidents.pdf247.36 KB
PDF icon WN344 – Latest completed clinical audit.pdf183.53 KB
PDF icon WN345 – Restrictions on patient restrictions.pdf233.23 KB
PDF icon WN346 – Individual Funding Requests (IFR) Jan 2015_0.pdf227.31 KB
PDF icon WN347 – CCG restricting surgery & treatments (Jan 15).pdf186.88 KB
PDF icon WN348 - Somatropin (Jan 2015).pdf135.15 KB
PDF icon WN349 - the £250m government fund to help clear elective patient backlogs (Jan 15).pdf149.59 KB
PDF icon WN350 – Current standard CHC rate (Jan 15).pdf192.66 KB
PDF icon WN352 – Personal Health Budgets (Jan 15).pdf173.22 KB
PDF icon WN353 – Ambulance and NEPT contracts (Jan 15).pdf512.42 KB
PDF icon WN354 – WNCCG employee responsible for training.pdf337.75 KB
PDF icon WN355 – Incarcerated Individuals in receipt of CHC funding (Jan 15).pdf172.23 KB
PDF icon WN356 – Contacts details of GPs within the CCG (Jan 15).pdf214.48 KB
PDF icon WN357 – Da Vinci Robot.pdf231.28 KB
PDF icon WN358 - Suppliers & Funeral Directors .pdf204.49 KB
PDF icon WN359 – External - Third party hosting contract.pdf296.22 KB
PDF icon WN361 – Invoices - Paying Suppliers.pdf267.24 KB
PDF icon WN362 – Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund Bid.pdf238.28 KB
PDF icon WN363 – GPs sickness .pdf240.02 KB
PDF icon WN364 - CAMHS Tier 3.pdf246.36 KB
PDF icon WN365 – Medicines Management & Prescribing Team.pdf260.58 KB
PDF icon WN367 – Lead Commissioner for Reablement services in the area.pdf345.58 KB
PDF icon WN368 - Organisation Structure.pdf192.11 KB
PDF icon WN369 - ICT.pdf179.97 KB
PDF icon WN370 – Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services.pdf353.46 KB
PDF icon WN371 – GP’s.pdf237.36 KB
PDF icon WN374 – Customer Satisfaction Ratings, Commissioning Support Unit .pdf295.46 KB
PDF icon WN375 – Prescription Contraceptives.pdf239.1 KB