Community Action Norfolk report

We commissioned CAN (Community Action Norfolk) to carry out some research and engagement work on our behalf. We wanted to know how people in west Norfolk feel about their experience with health care services.

CAN gathered responses from 70 people in focus groups, and from 61 people who answered an online survey. The research targeted groups of people with specific backgrounds to capture a more inclusive experience.

The focus groups were asked to fill in a profile form, so we know which demographics our engagement is reaching. This is an example of the form used, and this is an example of a simplified version of the form.

The research will be used to support our work to meet the NHS Equality Delivery System’s outcome of ‘Improved patient access and experience’.

The responses are grouped under the headings of:

  • Experiences of NHS services
  • Access to hospitals, community health, and primary care
  • Information and support available to make decisions about care
  • Experience of the complaints process

You can view the report here:

Download the CAN report