West Norfolk LGBT Network

3rd Jul 2013

The West Norfolk LGBT Network is a group for LGBT people to meet and support each other. Membership is primarily drawn from public and not-for-profit employers but has already been extended to individuals from commercial employers It is for people working or living in or near west Norfolk.
The group meets monthly and is planning a range of social activities that should suit many people. Although currently focussing on social events the group does provide support to individual members to help improve their workplace experience and discuss topical issues. The group is also happy to provide advice and feedback to employers and other organisations on LGBT issues as required.
Despite only having had three meetings we already have 14 members and many are already socialising outside of our meetings too. The group is already run by members having had some initial support and facilitation from Stonewall, Freebridge Community Housing and Broadland Housing. The group maintains its link with Stonewall who are available to provide additional support and advice when needed.
Future events planned include a pub quiz, an art exhibition, a barbecue, a boat trip and representing west Norfolk at the Norwich Pride events. Many members have commented on how appreciative they are of the group and the opportunity to meet fellow LGBT people in a social environment, something that has been sadly lacking in west Norfolk up to now.
Over time the group would like to extend invitations to particular events to so called "straight allies" but is intially focussing on providing a safe and supportive environment for LGBT people.
If you would like to know more information, then this available on the website www.westnorfolklgbt.org.uk, via emailing westnorfolklgbt [at] gmail.com