Maternity services

The Local Maternity System (LMS) is part of the Norfolk and Waveney Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP). Our STP is a partnership of health and care organisations from across Norfolk and Waveney, working together with the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector to improve the health and wellbeing of local people.

The purpose of the Local Maternity System (LMS) is to bring together commissioners, providers and service users to develop and implement a locally owned plan.  The LMS is overseen by a board which includes midwives, provider staff and consultants, NHS England, CCGs, UEA and Public Health.  Work is underway to recruit a service user representative.

The local plan aims to deliver:

  •  Safer care
  •  Personalised care
  •  Better proactive health and ill health prevention
  •  Improved post-natal care and better mental health provision for new mums and mums-to-be
  •  Improved staff team working and working across boundaries


In 2018-19 we have:

  • Worked with Healthwatch Norfolk, and conducted a survey with local women and their families, to find out about their experiences of using local maternity services

           Download the Maternity services report

  • Run ‘Whose Shoes’ and ‘15 Steps to Maternity’ events to gather the views of women and their families who have used local maternity services
  • Worked with Maternity Voices Partnerships to make sure feedback gathered by them is shared with staff in a constructive way, and reflected in the work of the LMS. This will be a key role of the service user representative on the LMS Board


Here are some of the things the LMS is doing as a result of feedback from local women and their families:

  • Starting ‘pilot’ teams of midwives who will have a caseload of women they care for throughout pregnancy, delivery and postnatally
  • Looking at training for midwives and midwifery support workers to make sure it reflects what local people have told us about feeling supported and involved during the maternity pathway and delivery
  • Making sure that across Norfolk and Waveney we are using the same standardised care plans (incorporating birth plans) that are personalised and shared with women. Women will be signposted to information about birth choices before booking with their midwife to help ensure women get the care and experience they want
  • Ensuring all midwives will receive specific mental health training from local Mental Health Midwife Champions