Dementia isn’t a normal part of ageing, and getting a diagnosis as early as possible can slow it down and help you live an active and independent life for longer.

If you are worried about your memory, you should see your GP right away.

Other symptoms of dementia could be problems with:

  • Thinking and making decisions
  • Your mood
  • Finding the right words
  • Movement and everyday tasks

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Carole, a west Norfolk resident, has been diagnosed with dementia recently. Carole and her husband Ken and her daughter Denise, share their story:

In this video, a clinical psychologist and a mental health nurse talk about getting a dementia diagnosis from the professionals' perspective. They explain what you can expect when you go to see your GP, and how it will benefit you:

You can read more about dementia and its early warning signs on the NHS website 

Or this video from Alzheimer’s Society is a quick explanation of what dementia is


Support services

If you have dementia, or someone you support has, you can get help and advice from:

Norfolk County Council have produced Dementia Friendly Norfolk – a practical guide to living with dementia in Norfolk.

If you’ve just been diagnosed with dementia, or someone you support has, you can sign up to receive six weekly emails from the NHS. Each email will cover a need-to-know topic.