Finance and Performance Committee

Our Finance and Performance Committee provides us with greater clarity on the discharge of our statutory duties in relation to finance and performance.

The committee scrutinises our performance to make sure we’re meeting the targets we’ve set ourselves, and NHS Constitution and other key national and local targets.  It supports the Governing Body in ensuring financial management achieves value for money in the use of resources. It reviews our annual budgets and annual operating plans for agreement by the Governing Body. It receives and scrutinises detailed reports of the financial position, and progress towards meeting targets, and recommends corrective action to the Governing Body as required.

The committee meets monthly. It is made up of the lay Audit Committee member, the CCG chair, two governing body lay members, a practice representative, and two CCG officers. 

Finance and Performance Committee 2018

20th December 2018 Minutes
22nd November 2018 Minutes
29th October 2018 Minutes
18th September 2018 Minutes
23rd August 2018 Minutes
27th July 2018 Minutes
22nd June 2018 Minutes
19th April 2018 Minutes
22nd March 2018  Minutes
22nd February 2018  Minutes
18th January 2018  Minutes

Finance and Performance Committee 2017


22nd November 2017

25th October 2017 Minutes
27th September 2017 Minutes
23rd August 2017 Minutes
26th July 2017 Minutes
26th June 2017 Minutes
24th May 2017 Minutes
26th April 2017 Minutes
21st March 2017 Minutes
22nd February 2017 Minutes
24th January 2017 Minutes

Finance and Performance Committee 2016


21st December 2016

16th November 2016 Minutes
19th October 2016 Minutes
23rd september 2016 Minutes
17th August 2016 Minutes
25th July 2016 Minutes
15th June 2016 Minutes
18th May 2016 Minutes
20th April 2016 Minutes
16th March 2016 Minutes
17th February 2016 Minutes
13th January 2016 Minutes

Finance and Performance Committee 2015

16th December 2015 Minutes
18th November 2015 Minutes
9th September 2015 Minutes
22nd July 2015 Minutes
17th June 2015 Minutes            
13th May 2015 Minutes
17th March 2015 Minutes
17th February 2015 Minutes

View the Finance and Performance Committee Terms of Reference.