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Patient Participation Groups (PPG)

Patient Participation Groups (PPG)

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) can help bring about real, positive change in their communities. PPGs have an increasingly important role to play in helping to give patients a say in the way services are delivered to best meet their needs, and the needs of the local community.

PPGs can have a say in how their local practice works and the services that are delivered and through the PPG representative on the West Norfolk Patient Partnership, they have regular contact with the CCG and are able to influence the commissioning process.

What is the purpose of a PPG?

  • To give practice staff and patients the opportunity, where possible, to share decision-making in the running of the practice
  • To provide a way for patients to make positive suggestions about the practice, and advocate patient preferences when appropriate
  • To provide a way for practice staff to inform patients about the reality of running a General Practice
  • To involve the wider population and be an advocate for the practice where appropriate
  • To encourage health education activities within the practice
  • To develop self-help projects to meet the needs of fellow patients, such as befriending, help with transport, and bereavement support
  • To act as a representative group that can be called upon to influence the local provision of health and social care

A PPG has to represent a whole practice population, not personal or individual views!

If you would like to join your local PPG, please contact the Practice Manager at your GP Surgery.

Patient Participation Groups (PPG) Survey

The NHS Landscape has become increasing difficult to navigate for both patients and professionals due to recent reconfigurations of the system. The Involvement project aims to create clarity for everyone to understand how they can become involved in shaping better healthcare.

What are PPGs?

Patient Participation Groups are run by local GP practices to talk to their patients about health improvements – these may be suggestions to the practice to help improve GP appointment systems, organising health days or talking about important changes to the way their healthcare is delivered locally. PPGs are becoming increasingly important groups that are being consulted prior to making changes to local health services (commissioning).

This survey is designed to be completed by a PPG chair or practice staff at the GP surgery, to help us understand the role and structure of their PPG. Through Involvement we can help signpost patients to these groups and get more people involved in shaping better healthcare together.

This important piece of work can only happen with your collaboration. We urge you to spare a few minutes to help us understand more about your PPG group - perhaps you already have a well-established group or need help in setting one up, tell us through the survey – we are here to help!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at NHSCMCSU.Involve [at] nhs.net

Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC)

Have your say about maternity services in West Norfolk

The Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC) is an independent group supported by Community Action Norfolk, made up of service users and representatives, voluntary sector providers and professionals working in maternity services that tells the hospital and local health decision-makers about people’s experiences of local maternity services and how these could be improved so that you get the service you want locally. 

The MSLC would love to hear from you if you have used maternity services in West Norfolk (even if you delivered at home or in a different hospital), please give us your feedback on our short anonymous survey (link below) which is managed by Community Action Norfolk on behalf of the MSLC:


If you would like to see how your feedback is used and have a direct say in how services are developed, come along to one of our meetings in the Brancaster Outpatients Area at Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  Anyone can join, as long as they or someone close to them have been involved with the maternity services. This can include: mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Expenses can be claimed for childcare that is provided by a registered childcare provider. Parking Fees and Travel Expenses are reimbursed (eg, Bus Fare, Mileage, Taxi Fare).

For more information or meeting dates please contact Tasha, the MSLC Support Officer on 01362 698216 or by emailing Tasha.higgins [at] communityactionnorfolk.org.uk