Community Engagement Forum

Community Engagement Forum

West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is committed to public engagement and consultation, making sure we hear from all the people and communities in West Norfolk - everyone’s opinions matter.  To help us achieve this, we ensure we use a variety of different mechanisms, methods and approaches.  There are many established organisations, support groups and patient groups that already exist in West Norfolk and the aim of the Community Engagement Forum is to bring those groups together and encourage active participation and two-way debate with the CCG.

The West Norfolk Community Engagement Forum (CEF) will:

  • Provide a channel of two-way communication between patients, the public of West Norfolk, and the West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group.

  • Facilitate the engagement of patients and the public in the planning, design and commissioning of local health services

  • Ensure that feedback from, and the views of, members of the wider West Norfolk population are raised and debated as appropriate.

  • Operate as a key local forum for the CCG to raise awareness of its commissioning plans and decisions, service development and CCG activity.

  • Support the CCG in identifying commissioning priorities.

  • Offer practical support to projects where community engagement is required.

The CEF will help to ensure that the voice of West Norfolk CCG’s patients, carers and the public, including seldom-heard groups, is embedded in the business of the CCG, embracing a ‘no decision about me without me’ promise, actively promoting the principles of the NHS Constitution and actively facilitating the CCG’s commitment to develop services and pathways as co-production with patients.

The Terms of Reference for the Community Engagement Forum can be found below

West Norfolk Community Engagemement Forum Terms of Reference

To request to become a member of the forum please email contact.wnccg [at]

Communications and Engagement Strategy

Please click below for West Norfolk CCG's Communications and Engagement Strategy

West Norfolk CCG Communications and Engagement Strategy 2017 - 2020

West Norfolk CCG Communications and Engagement Strategy: Action Plan 2017/18

CEF meeting minutes