Care Over Christmas - Blog 14

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - 10:15
Dr Paul Williams

The late arrival of this blog is testament to how busy it has been since I’ve been the CCG Chair. There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day for all the CCG work, the STP work and my practice work, especially in this run up to Christmas. However, I thought I’d find the time to just alert you to the things you can do to help the local NHS cope over the Christmas period. Your GP surgery will be having more appointments kept back for urgent cases over the period and will only be closed more than usual on the Bank Holidays themselves. There are also some extra surgeries being done in King’s Lynn for patients of all practices to attend even if you are registered at a different practice; you can access these appointments through your own surgery’s reception.

A&E will be a place to avoid over Christmas unless you truly have an accident or an emergency. Speak to 111 to check the best place for you to access appropriate care if you are unwell over the holidays. Remember you can get self-care advice at where there are numerous fact sheets on a wide range of problems you may run into over the Christmas period. If you are still unsure what to do if you are unwell you can also speak to your local pharmacist for advice.
Finally I thought I would give a plug to a charity trying to raise the awareness about Meningitis. This potentially catastrophic disease is most common in the autumn and winter months and a great deal of suffering can be prevented by the early detection and treatment of this infection. Meningitis Now is a national charity working to help raise the awareness and improve the outcomes in Meningitis. Their website,, has links to lots of information about Meningitis and also explains all the symptoms to help you spot them early. Robert Smith, who used to work for the local central support unit for our CCG has written a children’s book all the profits from the sale of which are going to Meningitis Now, you can get a copy of this book, an ideal Christmas present, at the following website,
Finally please accept my personal best wishes for a very merry and healthy Christmas and an illness- free 2018.