Sustainability and Transformation Plan


Sustainability and Transformation Plan

Our NHS and social care services are dearly valued. But rising demand, a growing and ageing population, higher expectations and lifestyle changes are increasing the pressures they face.

In response, the NHS, Norfolk County Council and partners in health and social care have come together across Norfolk and Waveney (North Suffolk) to find a better way forward.

We are developing an important programme to transform health and social care over the next five years called the Norfolk and Waveney Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP).

Doing nothing is not an option

We must continue to deliver good quality care to the people who need it. But just in terms of money, the health and social care organisations in Norfolk and Waveney know there will be a gap between our finances and the costs we will actually face. We must make efficiency savings to meet growing demand within the budgets we have.

Our plan will set out how we want to transform health and social care together over the next five years. NHS and social care are always evolving and our STP will be part of that story.

About Sustainability and Transformation Plans

There will be 44 STPs across England; all are still being developed. Ours is led by the Chief Executive of Norfolk County Council, Wendy Thomson. Leaders from our local NHS and social care are all playing an active part. The first draft was submitted at the end of June and we have asked people in Norfolk and Waveney for their views. But this is just the first step, we want to maintain an ongoing conversation about how services need to look in the future and how to keep them sustainable.

Feedback and engagement

The challenge of the requirements and timeframe set for the STP give us practical difficulties in securing full engagement of the many important stakeholders in our health and social care system.  We have first shared the high level narrative and in the months to come we plan a full engagement programme so that everyone’s voice is heard and we can develop the Norfolk and Waveney STP together.  You can, however, leave comments for us about the documents we have published so far, below, at

More information can be found on the HealthWatch Norfolk website by following this link