Welcome to West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group.

West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is a clinically-led organisation responsible for planning and buying health and social care for 170,270 patients in West Norfolk.

Our aim is to ensure we commission the right integrated (joined-up) services in order to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of West Norfolk.



Choose Me

Our  Choose Me Not A&E campaign helps people in the West Norfolk and Wisbech area find the right NHS service to get them well.

If you are unwell or injured please consider your local pharmacy, GP or the NHS111 service. Keep A&E free for serious or life-threatening emergencies.

Our handy "What to know and when to go" booklet helps local people get the right care faster. For a free copy email contact.wnccg [at] nhs.net or call 01553 666900.

News from West Norfolk CCG

20th Jan 2017
A meeting of the West Norfolk Joint Primary Care Co-Commissioning Committee will take place on...
17th Jan 2017
More appointments to see a GP or nurse practitioners are being laid on throughout Norfolk this...
6th Jan 2017
The NHS has awarded a new contract to the British Pregnancy Advice Service (BPAS) to provide...


We have joined Patient Opinion, an independent organisation which helps patients let the NHS know how their experience was.

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'In the GP surgery' by Dr Paul Williams

6th Feb 2017
Ever since we have had a NHS we have had antibiotics. There can be very few people in the UK today...
5th Jan 2017
Did you have a great Christmas? I hope so, if you are anything like me you probably drank and ate...
Dr Paul Williams
6th Dec 2016
Can you guess how much money the NHS spends in a year on people who attended A&E for a self-...

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